UAV countermeasure systems

Detect the Threat

The sooner a potential threat is detected, the more time you have to defeat the threat. Today drones, flying alone or in swarm, can be detected using a mix of various detection technologies including radar, acoustic sensors and electro optical equipment. The commercial availability of these detection technologies is growing rapidly with the worldwide proliferation of civilian drones. DRONATEC offers different detection technologies, depending on the customers requirements. The detection technology is integrated in the UAV countermeasure system and designed to defeat the drone in the most effective way, depending on the threat’s course of actions. Every situation is different, that is why DRONATEC offers each detection capability depending on the customers requirements. By defining the actual threat first, DRONATEC can offer the most effective detection technology and integrate it into the UAV countermeasure platform.

The core of our detection solution consists of innovative radar technology that is capable of detecting small drones up to kilometers away. The 360° scanning radar has high RPM while securing enough time on target to detect small drones, fixed as well as rotary wing. Static radars are used directionally to detect threats in urban areas. The detection technology is flexible and can be linked in order to increase situational awareness and cover vast areas. The compact design can be placed on mobile platforms as well as located on fixed infrastructure. With the integration of acoustic sensors DRONATEC offers detection capabilities in populated urban areas and in terrain where radar is less effective. The slaving capability of DRONATEC’s electro optical equipment catches the hostile drone and follows it till the drone is neutralized. The DRONATEC UAV countermeasure system is capable of integrating legacy detection equipment in use with users today.