UAV countermeasure systems

Defeat the Threat

Drones vary in many shapes and sizes, and the same applies for the way to defeat drones. In theory drones can be caught using a net, jammed with RF or fried with a laser. Depending on the technology used, the collateral damage to people and assets can be significant. Each solution has its limitations so until now only a mix of different technologies proved to be effective to defeat the wide range of civilian drones.

DRONATEC introduces an innovative and unique UAV countermeasure concept named D-FENCE® that can defeat civilian drones from long distance and independent of the control system used. The core of the DRONATEC UAV countermeasure system is a proprietary Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology developed to defeat different electrical systems from longe distance. DRONATEC’s UHF technology does not discriminate and is effective against a wide range of civilian drones, defeating them is a safe and controlled way.

DRONATEC's D-FENCE® concept provides the unique capability to designate and maintain predetermined no-fly zones. With the DRONATEC UAV countermeasure system it is possible to set up multiple safe areas by denying hostile drones to enter the restricted area making sure that the possible threat will not affect the public. Because of the standoff capability, DRONATEC can be effective while maintaining a safe perimeter. The D-FENCE® concept can be easily implemented in various markets without the risk of collateral damage to humans.