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UAV countermeasure systems

DRONATEC - UAV Countermeasure Systems

While the growing applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) brings new opportunities to market, the proliferation of civilian drones also demands for robust and effective solutions to counter potential threats. A small drone or UAV can be used for malicious purposes such as acts of espionage, smuggling or terrorism. For the sake of security it is most important that these threats can be controlled in a safe manner. DRONATEC provides solutions to define, detect and defeat potential threats from civilian drones and micro UAV's.

DRONATEC offers integrated, modular and mobile UAV countermeasure solutions such as a built-in system in 10-feet containers. These containers can be strategically positioned or simply placed on a truck or ship. DRONATEC took the lead to develop effective solutions against a wide range of drones in close cooperation with a select group of international partners, leaders in their specific niche markets. Various drones with most common control systems have been detected and defeated successfully leading to solutions that work against most types of drones. No necessity to identify the type of drone because DRONATEC's solutions do not discriminate. Whether remote controlled, by GPS or autonomous, DRONATEC provides the effective answer to protect people and assets against the potential threats caused by civilian drones.